Advanced Orthopedics

Owner:                  Dr. Tim Lukas and Dr. Leonard Karadimas
Value:                   $1,100,000
Project Size:         8,000 Sq. Ft.
Date Completed:   September 2009

Project Description: SyDesign was retained by Advanced Orthopedics to design their new medical office and physical therapy center located in the Port Huron Hospital Medical Office Building. The office design included 8 large exam rooms, an xray room, 2300 sq. ft. of physical therapy space with views of the nearby park, and clerical offices. The space was laid out to allow for separate entrances and waiting areas for PT and the medical office while still providing quick access for staff to both areas. A main feature of the design is a 700 square foot office space that will accommodate up to 4 doctors offices, a library for their research materials, and a private conference area.