Acheson Ventures Desmond Landing

Owner:                     City of Port Huron and Acheson Ventures
Project Size:           30 Acres
Date Completed:    Conceptual Project 2010

Project Description: SyDesign was retained by The City of Port Huron and Acheson Ventures to develop a piece of riverfront property in the downtown area. The development included a convention center and hotel, a maritime center, an amphitheater, a mixed use development with shops and lofts, and an aquarium. SyDesign reworked the traffic flow on the site to maximize the flow and views of the river. The design of the site revolves around the amphitheater being located at the ‘point’ of the two rivers. By being located at the point, the amphitheater space can be used as public park space while not being utilized for concerts. It also acts as a farmers market and spill out space for functions at all of the other buildings which are located around it.