Columbus Township County Park Lodge

Owner:                      St. Clair County
Value:                        $1,700,000
Project Size:            6,000 Sq. Ft.
Date Completed:    June 2011

Project Description: SyDesign was retained by St. Clair County Parks and Recreation to design a park lodge in their new county park. The lodge’s main function is to provide modern restrooms and a warming space in a rustic park where hiking trails, horse paths, canoeing, and a sledding hill are provided. The lodge also has a pavilion and meeting space, making it available to rent out for private events. The Lodge has many green features including a geothermal well system, insulated concrete form walls, and water conscious landscaping. The lodge is designed to fit into the context of the park utilizing natural materials. The construction of the lodge used over 75% local sourced materials and labor.