Credit Union One - St. Clair Shores

Owner:                  Credit Union One
Value:                    $428,000
Project Size:         2,990 Sq. Ft.
Date Completed:  April 2012

Project Description: Sy Design was retained by Credit Union One to complete a 2,800 sq. ft. renovation of an existing building. The design scheme was based on CUO’s existing design standards. During design development, it was discovered that the standard flooring for CUO was no longer available. Sy Design was asked to assist in the selection of new flooring finish standards for this and future branches, fast-tracking the process to ensure it was installed on time. The exterior of the building was re-clad in EFIS and maintenance free fiber cement board with a subtle color scheme. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held by CUO Executives on 4/23/2012 to celebrate the success of the project.